Sites: We Got One!

Axe Heads we have an official website now! Living Dead Girl Nicole has been working hard at getting this together for us and it is officially published to the web. Please bookmark it as it will be updated frequently with Media, Photos etc. Our WordPress News Blog feed shows up on the front page of the site to give you guys the most up to date info when you visit and our Tour page lists our shows and features a slideshow of our gig fliers to keep you informed on where we will be performing. If you ever want to contact us for booking, press info, interviews, features or to just ask the band a question we have a Contact page where you can fill out the form and it will go directly to us!!

So…Go check it out at


Don’t forget if you want to join our mailing list to get the most up to date info you can either contact us through the site , leave a comment here or put in your email address under Follow Us on our WordPress News Blog.

Hope to see all you Axe Heads at Steger Days of Music on August 25th! Bring out the little Axe Heads too! Will be a great day of food, drinks, live music and fun for the whole family!! We are also working on some pretty unique merch that the band is helping to create with the help of Living Dead Girl Nicole! You will definitely want to check out our merch table!!

Keep Rockin’


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