Last day to vote!

Last day to VOTE! Remember your comment has to include our band name of Axe Man’s Bridge in order for it to  count. We only mention this because we noticed some voted Axe Heads and some commented about our performance at Steger Days but did not include our actual band name which needs to be included!

Recap on contest:

So Axe Heads this is your mission.. get as many votes as we can!!!!

Go to and you will see a contest photo. All you have to do is follow the directions in the contest photo for us to win a stage backdrop (which we really want and most importantly need for our shows).

1.) COMMENT on the contest photo with Axe Man’s Bridge as your vote. You MUST include our name in your comment for it to count.

2.) LIKE  Northcoast Band Backdrops And Band Scrims FB page

3.) SHARE the photo with your friends on Facebook asking them to vote for Axe Man’s Bridge as well!!

Let’s show them that Axe Heads are the most hard rock fans out there!! Support local music!

Thanks everyone who already voted. We really appreciate your support!


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