Show Announcement: 4/13 – WZ13 Radio and Arnar Clothing Rock Showcase at Mojoe’s!

Palm Sunday??? Well bring your palms, your fists and your metal horns for an ALL AGES hard rock and metal showcase hosted by WZ13 Radio and Arnar Clothing!!

Axe Man’s Bridge has been asked to be a part of a showcase at Mojoe’s on 4/13/14 that will feature us along with 10 other hard rock and metal bands! For only $10 your ticket covers an evening of entertainment all while supporting your local rock scene!

Because we always look out for our Axe Heads we specifically requested and locked ourselves in to one of the earlier time slots so that anyone that has a late night Saturday or early morning work commute on Monday can still get a chance to come to the show and rock out with us. Yes, we love you guys that much and yes we want you guys to be there! So come out of hibernation with us and be ready to rock when we go on stage at 5:30pm!

We have pre-sale tickets that we have to sell and you will need them to get into this show so please contact us through our website, message us on FB, or contact any of our band members to make arrangements to get your tickets from us ASAP!

posted via the official FB Event page: Axe Man’s Bridge live at the WZ13 Radio and Arnar Clothing Rock Showcase!

Sponsor provided flier:



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