Today is the last day to vote

First off thank you to all of you that have taken the time to vote for us in the Wiles Magazine Best Indie Band Search! We are honored to be the remaining band in the top 3 to represent rock music!  You proved us right when we said we knew our fans rocked the hardest. We don’t call you Axe Heads for nothing!

Today is the last day for voting. So we included links to the easiest ways you can show your support simply by commenting on them. You are allowed to do all of them and they will all count towards votes so do as many as you can. There is even an option for those who do not have social media accounts so reblog this post to everyone you know asking them to vote today as well.

Here are the links to their most recent posts to comment on:

All you have to do is go to these links listed and comment that Axe Man’s Bridge has your vote! Super easy! The key is you have to do it TODAY!

You never know, your vote could be the one that wins this for us! Would be rather awesome not only for us to win this but to show the world that rock music is still the best genre out there! Support us and the rock scene and vote today! Don’t forget to share and get your friends and family in on the fun.


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