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Axe Man’s Bridge has a new home in the UK on the EGH Radio website. You can find us on our very own artist spotlight page HERE!


Axe Head Pumpkin Contest!

Ok Axe Heads! We want you to send us in pictures of your best Axe Man’s Bridge themed PUMPKINS!! We will feature them and the best one will get a free Axe Man’s Bridge shirt!!!!!! Deadline to send your photos in will be Halloween (winner chosen by the band on November 1st)! So send them in a message on FB or email your entry to

Radio Official!

Axe Man’s Bridge is excited to say that our music is now a part of the daily or weekly rotations on the following stations:

The Hard Rock Radio Network

EGH Radio

Digital Revolution Radio

Code Zero Radio

Go tell these stations how much they rock! Tune into them and like their pages! They are a strong force for independent artists! Show them you support what they do, the way they support what we do!