We are the feature artist at Unkovr

We have some really exciting news for all you Axe Heads…..Unkovr has chosen to feature us on the front page of their site today as their featured artist. They also have made us a part of their artist listings! This is a huge honor as you have to be discovered/chosen by music industry top professionals to be on their site!

Now we need our Axe Heads to go to vote by rating us on our Unkovr page. The better our rate and the more votes we receive the more exposure we will get. Let’s just put it this way, Greg Richling (formerly the bassist of The Wallflowers) is co-founder of this site. So you can see why this is a great opportunity for us and why we really need our Axe Heads to do this.

Unkovr will be featuring us through out the day on social media as well so please visit their Facebook and Twitter and like their Axe Man’s Bridge related posts.