Today is the last day to vote

First off thank you to all of you that have taken the time to vote for us in the Wiles Magazine Best Indie Band Search! We are honored to be the remaining band in the top 3 to represent rock music!  You proved us right when we said we knew our fans rocked the hardest. We don’t call you Axe Heads for nothing!

Today is the last day for voting. So we included links to the easiest ways you can show your support simply by commenting on them. You are allowed to do all of them and they will all count towards votes so do as many as you can. There is even an option for those who do not have social media accounts so reblog this post to everyone you know asking them to vote today as well.

Here are the links to their most recent posts to comment on:

All you have to do is go to these links listed and comment that Axe Man’s Bridge has your vote! Super easy! The key is you have to do it TODAY!

You never know, your vote could be the one that wins this for us! Would be rather awesome not only for us to win this but to show the world that rock music is still the best genre out there! Support us and the rock scene and vote today! Don’t forget to share and get your friends and family in on the fun.


We are in the top 3!


Just found out we are one of the top 3 bands (out of 31) in the running to be the worlds best indie artist in Wiles Magazine! Keep those votes coming! Super easy things that could do will count as votes and could take us over the top and could lead to a  world of exposure for us!! Please take a moment of your time to vote. Thank you!

Here are all the easy ways you can vote!

* Go to their website and comment Axe Man’s Bridge on page 9 is your favorite band in their guide:

* Comment on the guide saying Axe Man’s Bridge on page 9 is your favorite band in their guide:

* For those on Facebook.. like, share and comment on this post:

* Go to and leave a comment on their page saying Axe Man’s Bridge is your favorite indie artist!

* For those on Twitter.. tweet to that @axemansbridge is your choice for best indie band!!

* For those on Google + click on this link and comment on it that Axe Man’s Bridge is your favorite indie band:


Last 2 days to vote for us!

Today (7/30) and tomorrow (7/31) are the final days you can vote for us as the best indie band in the Wiles Magazine Summer Guide!

We just wanted to take a moment and and let our fans know how much we appreciate your support! Your comments on all the various Wiles Magazine websites voting for us have been tremendous. You don’t know how much it means to us to have such awesome support from such awesome people. We want you all to know that it does not go unnoticed. Being an independent band is hard work when you are trying to make a name for yourself. That is why this contest means a lot to us. We do what we do because we love music, but we also do it because of the awesome people like you that believe in us! Please continue these next 2 days to tell Wiles Magazine you support Axe Man’s Bridge! If you are not sure how to vote go HERE and read and click on all the easy links that will bring you to the places where the voting counts. Keep rocking guys! You are all amazing!

Steger Days of Music THIS Sunday 7/27!

This Sunday just keeps looking better and better for our fans! This FREE all ages event is looking to be really awesome!

Come out and enjoy all the great acts of various music genres, vendors, food, refreshments and more!

There is no need to get a sitter because there will be activities for the kids as well!! This includes things like inflatable bounce houses, hair styles and henna by Boho Hair Studio, makeovers and hoola hoops from Electric Butterfly and much more including a parade and fireworks!

And since this takes place in the park bring your lawn chairs, your outdoor toys (balls, kites, frisbees, remote control cars/planes, hula hoops, etc) and make a whole day of fun in the sun for your family!

Musical entertainment all day long with dance performances by Room To Move in between acts!

Band Lineup:

2:00 pm – The Shift
3:00 pm – Nobody’s Business
4:00 pm – StarRider
5:00 pm – Axe Man’s Bridge
6:00 pm – Superstition
7:00 pm – 95th Street Band

There is going to be a tented seating area that will offer shade from sun and no worries if there is rain!

You don’t want to miss this FREE event! We are very excited to be a part of it again this year!

Facebook Event Page 
Google + Event Page


8 days left to vote Axe Man’s Bridge as Best Indie Band in Wiles Magazine!

8 days left for our Axe Heads to show Wiles Magazine that we are the best indie band and deserve a full feature in their magazine!

If anyone knows us they know we are as independent as it comes. We make our own merch, we rent uhauls and stuff equipment into our cars to play shows, we sell tickets to play shows sometimes with no pay out, we have our bass players wife do our promoting, our friends do our photography and videos, we record where we practice which is in our guitar players basement, we are saving money from each show to one day make a demo, we work hard to make a name for ourselves and we do it all because we love making music and we love our fans! Please take the time to vote! The exposure would be a wonderful thing for us.

Click here for all the easy things you can do that count as votes for us. Remember voting ends on 7/31!


Here’s how you can help support us!

We just found out we are one of the top 2 bands in the lead to win Best Indie Band in Wiles Magazine! We still need the help of our fans to win this and voting ends in 9 days!!!! 

There are many ways to vote. Commenting on their website, liking, sharing posts on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. We put together an easy how to vote for us guide that you can go to that is clickable and easy to follow. All you have to do is read what you need to do, click on the links and do it! Follow this link to read more. It’s super easy and the more you do the more votes we get! 

Please re-blog this post to your readers! Let’s show them that Axe Heads rock the hardest! Support independent artists! 

10 days left to vote AMB as Best Indie Band!

July is slipping away from us. Which means there is only 10 days left to vote for Axe Man’s Bridge in Wile’s Magazine’s search for the best indie band! Go to our “easy how to vote for Axe Man’s Bridge as the Best Indie Band note” on Facebook to learn how easy it is to show your support for us and the various ways you can easily vote!